Children’s Sing-a-longs: A Music Discovery Program for your 3-5 year olds

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In this fun course we will learn music readiness skills through educational themes like animals, nature, numbers, and food.

Class Duration: 35 Minutes
Class Size: 3-6 Kids
Age Range: Ages 3-5
Price Per Learner: $12/Week
$20 free credit with this referral link:

$20 Free Credit

Class Times: Weekly/Varying Times and Days (EST)
Sundays: (Starting Sept 13th) 2pm-2:35pm, 3pm-3:35pm, 4pm-4:35pm, 5-5:35pm
Mondays: (Starting Sept 14th) 12pm-12:35pm, 1pm-1:35pm, 2pm-2:35pm, 3pm-3:35pm, 4pm-4:35pm, 5pm-5:35pm
Wednesdays: (Starting Sept 9th) 12pm-12:35pm, 1pm-1:35pm, 2pm-2:35pm, 3pm-3:35pm, 4pm-4:35pm, 5pm-5:35pm
Thursdays: (Current) 12pm-12:35pm, 1pm-1:35pm, 2pm-2:35pm, 3pm-3:35pm
Fridays: (Starting Sept 4th) 12pm-12:35pm, 1pm-1:35pm, 2pm-2:35pm, 3pm-3:35pm
Saturdays: (Starting Sept 12th) 12pm-12:35pm, 1pm-1:35pm, 2pm-2:35pm, 3pm-3:35pm

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Class Experience
Your students will learn musical concepts like rhythm, beat, the musical scale, genres of music, soft & loud, and fast & slow. I also teach basic concepts like animals, numbers, letters, nature, food, and colors. Most concepts are learned through song and each week will have a different theme. Students will be asked to sing to their comfort level, and do things like learn hand signs and show rhythm/beat with their body.

Learning Goals
Students will improve their knowledge of basic musical concepts: rhythm, beat, the musical scale, genres of music, soft & loud, and fast & slow. Music class also improves language skills, mathematics, cognitive skills, emotional intelligence and fine/gross motor skills in fun ways.

Teacher Expertise – Julie Salvano
I have taught early childhood music my whole adult life. I’ve run my own in-person music class company with a team of teachers since 2012 and absolutely love children. I have a BA in Music and Vocal Performance and am passionate about creating independent young thinkers with a true understanding of learning.

Supply List
Drums or tambourines (sub:pots/pans, boxes, tabletops)
Heart shape cut out of paper
Maracas (sub:beans inside a cup, boxes of pasta, spices, etc)
Movement Scarves (sub: blanket)
Rhythm Sticks (sub: wooden spoons or drum sticks)

35 minutes per week in class, and maybe some time outside of class.

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